Lintel Lift

What is Lintel Lift?

The LintelLift is pre-engineered to lift a straight plane. Heavier lifts are also available upon special order. The columns on the sides are designed with lift bolts that are adjusted to contact the ends of the angle iron with matching machined pivot points. This allows the column to be stood up one end at a time and fastened to the existing wood door frames. Once both columns are vertical with the LintelLift under the sagging existing lintel, and outside the brick wall, the bolts are tightened, lifting the load while removing the camber. Once straightened, the sagging lintel and brick is now lifted and stabilized against potential future settlement. At this point, the raw iron will be covered with a vinyl kit specially made for fit.

Why You Need Lintel Lift

When a garage door lintel fails, it causes the brick wall being supported to sag – leaving a noticeable crack right above the garage door. The LintelLift System fixes this issue by adding support underneath the sagging lintel.

Our working Process


Mount bracket and place support beam.


Install jack screw on top of column.


Screw should be all the way down on the base.


Slotted cambered beam.


Install slotted cambered beam on top of jack screws above column.


Turn jack screws on both columns until beam flattens.


Jack screws completely extended in place.


Finished trim installed.

Our Promise

The LintelLift System will immediately stabilize your garage door lintel or header and will permanently protect against any further sagging and is backed by an unmatched, industry-leading warranty.

Foundation Problems Don’t Get
Better with Time.
They Get Better with TFS.

Foundation Problems Don’t Get Better with Time… They Get Better with TFS.